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Nexera services and wholesale offer



We are solely a wholesale telecommunications operator and we provide access to infrastructure only for Operators (Telecommunications Entrepreneurs). 

Thanks to our FTTH fibre-optic access network, telecommunications and cable television operators can provide household inhabitants within the range of the NEXERA Network the most modern telecommunication services in attractive packages. 

Inhabitants of areas within the range of our network are invited to the For Residents section and at the same time, we invite you to contact your service supplier and check if it may already provide you with their services on the NEXERA Network

We invite Operators (Telecommunications Entrepreneurs) interested in using the NEXERA Network to familiarize themselves with our Wholesale Services Catalogue and the Framework Offer (Model Agreements) below. 

BSA (Bitstream Access)

A User Operator which after connecting to the PDU BSA (Network Service Connection) with the NEXERA Network obtains the possibility to provide a complete package of retail services on the basis of our data transmission, in all households assigned to this PDU BSA. 

More details about BSA service 

Network Connection in collocation mode A User Operator which connects to our PDU BSA in one of the 14 areas and thus obtains the possibility of providing BSA services. The connection takes place in the telehousing rooms of one of the national telecommunications operators. 
Collocation For a User Operator interested in placing a device necessary for the Network Connection, we can also provide space (multiples of U) in the cabinet located in the NEXERA network node (PDU BSA).
Access to cable ducts For a User Operator which would like to place in our ducts their telecommunications cables and use the accompanying infrastructure, we provide such a possibility in the constructed and shared sections of the ducts. 
Lease of Dark Fibres  User Operators may also use unused dark fibre optics in our network, which we provide in the constructed and shared continuous distribution sections of the NEXERA distribution network.
LLU (Local Loop Unbundling) A User Operator interested in passive access to households within the range of the NEXERA network, can use the access to the local fibre loop (connection), i.e. the fibre segment from the end of the network in the subscriber's premises to the first optical splitter located at the border of a single-family house or in the basement of a multi-family house. 



NEXERA analyses on an ongoing basis the demand for services supporting Operators’ activities and the result is a constantly updated Service Catalogue. 

Currently, we are working on the following services: 


Aggregation PDU BSA 

A service extending the range of BSA services available from one PDU point on the entire province (Regional PDU BSA) or the entire NEXERA network (PDU BSA central).

CPE services

A service addressed to operators which do not have their own technical teams in areas within the NEXERA network; NEXERA technical crews acting on behalf of the User Operator may carry out all the operations connected with the launch and maintenance of services and devices in the subscriber's premises.

Data Transmission (point-to-point)

Services ensuring data transmission with individually fixed parameters between two points agreed with the User Operator. 

Operators interested in the above additional services please contact us at the email address sales@nexera.pl 



    On 14 December 2019, the President of the Office of Electronic Communication accepted NEXERA’s amended wholesale offer.


    The new Framework Offer extends the catalogue of types of security from NEXERA’s claims arising from the non-performance or improper performance of customers’ obligations customer arising in connection with the implementation of Nexera’s services.


    NEXERA together with the President of the Office of Electronic Communication has determined that in addition to the security used by NEXERA so far in the form of a bank guarantee, the Beneficiary Operator will be able to establish (as an alternative to a bank guarantee) a cash deposit.


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Subscriber access services for the purposes of data transmission to NEXERA schools (Nexera Sp. z o.o.) are provided on an equal and non-discriminatory basis based on the Framework Offer along with the Price List approved by the Office of Electronic Communications on 2 August 2018. 

- Documents (in the form of an Agreement Template and its annexes) constituting the NEXERA Framework Offer can be downloaded below.
- Information about the addresses of educational units within the coverage of the NEXERA network (school addresses) is located in the General Information section. 
Operators interested in the above additional services please contact us at the email address sales@nexera.pl.

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